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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Hello everyone,

sorry about not having uploaded anything for such a long time - if you cannot find a way to fit everything in a journal title anymore, you know there has been a lot going on!
I was busy with work and travelling and thus have not had the time to do much with the photos I have taken in the meantime. This is in fact the first weekend since the first October weekend where I'm actually at home again...

So one after the other:

Back from the US

I have been to the US for three weeks in October, visiting the International Wolf Symposium in Duluth (MN), the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely (MN), and Wolf Park in Battle Ground (IN). I brought my complete camera equipment, but surprisingly didn't take as many photos as I thought it would. One reason was the weather - we had everything from sun to snow, but most of the time it was rainy and cold. Another reason was the lack of opportunities - I was looking forward to take photos at the International Wolf Center, but I realized that shooting through the glass is just not worth it - every shot is blurry in several spots, the glass used is just not made for taking photos through. Instead, I took photos of red squirrels, birds, black bears and raccoons around the Wildlife Research Institute. Wolf Park was not too spectacular either, photography-wise. The fencing was very uncooperative, unlike most of the chainlink in the parks in Germany I usually visit. The AF had a hard time, and most of the time the bright light lit up the silver chainlink so much that it produced an impression of bright grey fog despite the 400 or 560 mm focal length I have been using.

Anyways, I might have some nice shots to upload soon, I just haven't looked at all of the photos yet and certainly haven't had the time to prepare any for uploading. Maybe this weekend! :D

Calendars are almost sold out

Today I have shipped the last few of the Lupinity Wolves 2014 calendars to Amazon. I just started to reclaim some of the calendars that have not sold yet in retail so I can stock up Amazon again for christmas.
I didn't think that I might be out of calendars before the end of the year AGAIN... but it's likely that this will happen. So if you were planning on getting one for christmas... do it soon!

Next calendar?

Also, I started planning the next calendar. I am still not 100% sure whether it will be one for 2015 or 2016, but since there are a lot of photos available that would do well in a 2015 calendar already, I might choose to release one next year too (that requires snow to fall though: I'm short on outstanding snow photos :D).

US release

Now, there are lots of options for a new calendar. First of all, I am currently planning a release in Europe and the US, to improve the availability for US customers. That will most likely include an Amazon listing in the US offering free shipping. US orders were so low this year that I am not completely sure that this is a good decision, but the requests I got during my US visit in October were so overwhelming that I think I'll give it a try.


The calendar as it is obviously deviates in a lot of ways from standard calendars, especially on the US market. For one, the Lupinity Wolves 2014 calendar is bigger than most calendars, with a size of roughly 11.7x16.5". It is printed single-sided and is hung on a wire-O-binding. Calendar and photo are both on the same page, and are individually designed to blend into another.

Pretty much all of the commercially available calendars are saddle-stitched double-sided calendars with the photo on the upper page and the month's calendar on the other. The calendar is then hung using a hole in the top center of each page. While - in my opinion - this lacks the premium-quality look and rarely hangs straight down on the wall, this system has certain advantages too.

Here's some of the pros and cons I see with that:

  • The photo is on an individual page and can be cut out and framed after the calendar expires, if desired.
  • There is no text or other elements on the photo
  • There is a lot more space for additional information on what's seen in the photo and of course, there is more space to note down appointments for each day.
  • The calendar is a bit lighter, which makes mailing and handling easier

  • Less classy, "cheap" look
  • The paper *maybe* has to be less heavy than in the current calendar, because it needs to still fold without breaking (this is still to be determined)
  • The calendar takes up more space on the wall.
  • Saddle-stitched instead of wire-O bound
  • A bit more expensive to produce (twice as many pages)

Your opinion is important to me...

I'd love to hear what you think about those ideas. Should the next calendar be a saddle-stitched and double-sided?
What are the pros and cons you see?

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Wolves 2014 Calendar - Lookin' good in the hedge! by LupiniciousWolves 2014 Calendar - Lookin' good on the tree! by Lupinicious

Hey everyone,

just a short note (I will add more later) - the Lupinity Wolves 2014 calendar is now available... on Amazon! :D
The supporters / voters already know this for a while and enjoyed a 20% discount for their help in the meantime.
Now, the calendar is available for everyone on Amazon UK ->… and on Amazon Germany ->…

I decided to team up with Amazon this time and see how that goes. The good thing is, you get the full Amazon service and of course FREE SHIPPING to Germany, the UK and 15 other eligible EU countries (see update below!) :D Check it out!
Unfortunately, Amazon US is completely separate and I can't list the calendar there without paying another full pro seller account, with is extremely costly. Sorry guys, you have to order at Amazon UK too, but the good thing is: while shipping is not free for non-EU-countries, it is MUCH cheaper than any shipping rates I could get. For example, shipping to the US is 6.98 GBP, while I can't get anything below 15 EUR...

[Updated] This year, a lot of things changed. The most important changes are:

Paper quality
First of all, the paper quality is one third heavier than in the 2012 calendar. I'm glad to report that this fixes the problem with curling pages on wet or cold walls that sometimes occured with the old one. I have a test calendar in the back of my car, directly in the rear window, exposed to sometimes about 60C and direct sunlight, as well as one in humid conditions, and both are still in perfect condition after the first 3 weeks :D

Print quality: finish
In the 2012 calendar, I decided to choose a Matte finish due to popular request. I re-evaluated the options, tested several other paper types and finishings, and finally came to the conclusion that a glossy finish looks much better while still not being shiny and that it's still possible to write down personal notes even with pencils. So, this year the finish is 250 g/m glossy, which is also the highest quality available at this moment.

Print quality: cover
In order to give the cover of the calendar an extra shine and a nice haptic, I decided to spend some extra money on a UV coating that just looks spectacular. I used that on many other prints before, so I know how great it looks and feels while touching it does not leave any fingerprints. I would have loved to use that on the whole calendar, but besides making the calendar much more expensive, this would also make it impossible to note down anything in the calendar (unless you used Sharpies or similar permanent markers)...

To protect the calendars from any damage, especially because they are this time handled and shipped by Amazon, each calendar is shrink-wrapped individually. That was very costly unfortunately, but necessary to ensure a perfect result.

Unlike the 2012 one, this calendar has an ISBN (international standard book number). This is also very expensive for individuals, but since I wanted to see if I can get it listed by Amazon (and whether it's worth the immense effort after all), this was a necessity. Besides Amazon, other retailers also need an ISBN to index and process an item in their stock.

And the most important thing that didn't change: despite the higher costs, I decided to leave the price unchanged - that's a high risk for me, especially because the print run is considerably higher this year, but I hope it'll work out if I can find more retailers interested in offering the calendar.

A word on the Amazon listing
The Amazon listing of the calendar is quite an adventure for me. Since I order a lot off Amazon myself and was always happy with their professional packaging and delivery times (and the free shipping of course), I thought this would be a nice thing to try for the calendar in order to give you the best possible experience when buying one.

This is an expensive endeavour, and chances are I will lose money on that experiment. Amazon is targeted at retailers that offer plenty of products year-round and they charge a rather high monthly fee for the account as well as enormous fees on each sold unit and for handling, packaging and shipping. Amazon earns way more money on each sold calendar than me, but I guess that's how they grew that big...

And a request...
As you might have noticed, I'm listed as some sort of third-party seller for my own calendar :D Amazon does that on purpose with new sellers for the first 90 days. In those 90 days you have to earn a higher status. Good feedback on the products and service is crucial for that (which is odd, since the shipping and customer service is provided by Amazon themselves...).

Also, I honestly stand no chance on Amazon against all the mass produced calendars that are not yet on the market, but as soon as they are, they will sell thousands of copies and my listing will probably just get overrun :-) No one knows me, no one knows my photography, no one knows the quality of the calendar and if it's worth a look. Again, feedback is crucial for people to see what this calendar is all about.

So I do have a request: if you buy a copy of the calendar this year, could you please also consider leaving reviews and customer feedback? Just honestly write what you think and what's probably useful to other wolf enthusiasts considering buying one. It would be awesome if it was a five star rating, but if you think the calendar doesn't deserve 5 stars, then feel free to put in any other rating that you feel appropriate. Especially in Germany, buyers seem to be quite reluctant to review it, while on the UK platform, I was very surprised and happy to see a review of it by Monty Sloan :D and some of you have already put in a review of their own too, thanks for that!!

Amazon France, Italy or Spain, anyone?
Oh, and another request: if anyone from France, Italy or Spain would love to see the calendar listed locally on their country's Amazon pages, I could do that right away - but my French is quite rusty and my Italian and Spanish practically non-existent :D Thus, I cannot translate the product description in French, Italian or Spanish quite well. If anyone of you is able and willing to help, we can probably make it happen :D

Since France, Italy and Spain are not in the list of countries eligible for free delivery from either UK or Germany (which is really odd in my opinion!), a listing in these marketplaces would mean you (and other people from your country) could then order the calendars with free shipping... so please help if you can? ^^;

[Update on free delivery by Amazon]
I just had a look at Amazon's free delivery service.

For orders placed on Amazon UK, delivery is free to the following European destinations: UK, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.
For orders placed on Amazon Germany, delivery is free to the following European destinations: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland.

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Rien ne va plus

Fri Jun 7, 2013, 12:18 PM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

That's it, folks - the Lupinity Wolves 2014 calendar is now in print, the voting is closed. Thanks everyone for participating, it's much appreciated!

Printing will take approximately until the end of June, so the calendar will be available in early July.
That's also when the winner of this year's calendar voting raffle will be drawn, so stay tuned :D

It was a tough choice again this year. For the 2012 calendar, there weren't many photos left out that I thought should have made it into the calendar - but this time, a second calendar could have been made out of the ones that have not made it in. I originally thought that it would not be possible to publish a calendar every year, but this situation leaves the option of publishing a 2015 calendar as well. On other hand, I wasn't able to take a lot of photos this year yet, so I gotta pick up the pace to be able to throw some new material in while still having enough left for the regular 2016 calendar. We'll see!

The next project will be a number of postcard sets that I wanted to do for quite a while. We did some with the German Wolf Association a couple of years ago, and we're still selling those out, but I would like to do some new ones, with better photography and better quality prints...

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Howdy folks,

I'm currently in the prepress process for the Lupinity Wolves 2014 calendar. There's good and bad news, like always.
The good news: I finally got the ok from Wildtierpark Edersee to use the photos taken at the park, so I can use the whole range of photos in the voting.
The bad news: I need to swap out some of the photos because the range of colors does not really match the CMYK color range and with some photos, that means I simply can't print them.

One extreme example is Black and Green, the voting winner for May:
Black and Green by Lupinicious

Wonderful greens, but only in RGB. Take a look at the before and after comparison between RGB and CMYK in my

Doesn't really look nice anymore, does it? Yes, I could shift colors some to match the CMYK range, but then it's not green anymore, but yellow. It's not an option, really.

The reason for all that is that the CMYK color range is much narrower than RGB, this diagram shows that pretty well:

As you can see, the really bright and saturated greens are cut off... bad luck!

Now fortunately there are enough runner-ups to cover the loss of photos, and most of the other photos are not affected anyways.
Basically, all photos with a lot of green in it are affected - the March winner (the leap-wolf) is affected too, but while it does look more yellowish printed than the original does and it loses some detail, it still looks alright.

Since I strive for the highest possible quality, please don't be disappointed if Black and Green is not going to be part of the calendar... you wouldn't like the way it looks printed, believe me :D

UPDATE: Persistence pays off

Alright then - Black and Green is back in the race I suppose. I managed to achieve a pretty good approximation of the greens in CMYK color range. Well, let's make this a tutorial then :D

First of all - one precious gem in Photoshop I wasn't totally aware of is hidden in View -> Proof Colors. This totally saves my day.
This option lets you work in RGB mode while viewing the output in real time in the selected color scheme, in my case the CMYK color scheme of the offset print machine this is going to run on.
If you just convert the photo into CMYK, information is lost - and you cannot get it back by fiddling with the colors. In the preview mode, you can!
I used hue/saturation to get the details in the cut-off yellowish-green areas back (mainly by decreasing saturation), but that made the photo appear rather dull. What really saved it for me was Shadows/Highlights, as it balanced the levels out just perfectly and brought back a variety of greens I tought weren't possible in CMYK.

No, it's not the same greens - but I'm just about to say it works for me! :D Decide yourself:

Yes, it does look less vibrant in CMYK, but the overall contrast and impression of the photo is rather nice the way it is now.
It has a slightly darker mood to it - it's pretty much like sunshine vs. overcast skies - but I still like it :)
So I'm asking you: should I stick with the Black and Green one or replace it with a different photo?

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

First of all: thanks to all 230 people who have participated in the calendar voting so far!

The voting period will be extended for one more week until Friday, May 24th. Head over to… to vote if you haven't done that already!

I am currently still waiting for permission to use some of the photos in the calendar, which will take a couple more days.
I've talked to the officials today and it looks good, but still has to be approved by the park management.

The voting for some of the months is already quite unambiguous, in other months it is still likely to change .
So head over and vote! The odds for winning a free calendar are still very favorable compared to other raffles: currently it's at 1:125.

Current voting standings

Warning - if you don't want to know which photos are likely to make it into the calendar, don't read on!
There are also a couple of questions at the end of the journal...


you asked for it ;-)

Here it goes:


The following has been chosen as cover image with currently 14 votes more than the runner-up.













Not satisfied with this selection?
Come over to… and vote to make a change or tell your friends to vote!
Some months are a really close call still and not yet decided at all.

A couple of things are likely to change, for example too many fall-like photos have been voted in between August and November - don't know about where you live, but we only get a very short fall lately, definitely not more than two months :D

A couple of questions...

Also, it is quite strange that no puppies have been voted in so far. So my questions for all those of you who are still reading this:

1. Do you think the calendar should have any puppy photos? Could it do without?
2. The cover photo has also been voted in for November. In the 2012 calendar, I did not use the cover photo for any other month. Do you think the photo should be featured in November as well (the cover photo will be quite loaded with text and stuff all over...) or do you think there should be 14 completely different photos in the calendar?
3. What do you think about the selection so far? Does it meet your expectations / hopes or is it completely different from what you have voted for?

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Hello everyone :D

I'm happy to announce that the Lupinity Woves 2014 Calendar voting is now open. I was extremely busy so I'm VERY late this year... thus the voting period will be rather brief again - make sure you go to and vote now! :-)

Like in the 2012 calendar, all registered voters enter a raffle for a totally free copy of the calendar (mailing is also free!). And even if you don't win, you will have the chance to buy the calendar for a heavily discounted price if you have participated and registered.

This year, you can pick a cover photo for the calendar as well.

Technical info:
1. The voting page completely runs on javascript. That means, it will not work if you have javascript turned off in your browser.
2. You need to enable cookies for the session management. It's nothing evil, just to keep track of your selected photos until you are done. Without it, you would lose your choices after each reload and you will probably end up getting error messages liek "Error - invalid session!". So please make sure cookies are enabled for the site!
3. I changed most components of the voting script because the old ones didn't really work on mobile devices... it is now tested on all major browsers and works on Android devices and iPhones, although the former seem to be buggy when changing from portrait into landscape orientation... so try to avoid that :D I did not have the time to implement swiping yet, so you have to use the old-school prev/next buttons at this time.

So why are you still here? :D Come over to and vote! :typerhappy:

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What a roller coaster ride

Sun Nov 4, 2012, 9:50 AM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Looks like the deviantART staff had fun with the popular ranking algorithm again :D

One thing I do notice is that my deviations only get about 1/3 of the views within 24 hours that they used to get. What they seem to have done is that now they do not look at the overall popularity of the deviation, but rather at the momentarily popularity within a quite short amount of time as well as the age of the deviation. It seems like when a deviation is getting a lot of attention and a lot of people are favving, commenting and viewing the deviation, it gets boosted to the front page, especially if it's close to the 8 hour mark. If the attention stops some, it drops down to page 4 or 5 just as quickly.

Overall, the number of favs the deviations are getting and the overall exposure dropped immensely, which is most likely also because they have changed the default view at the front page from popular 8 hours to popular 24 hours. And it seems to be nearly impossible to get to the 24h front page anymore because of the lack of exposure.

I don't know yet if that's a good thing or not. For me, certainly, it's not good, but I have no idea if anyone else but me is even affected. However, if that causes different deviations from different categories to show up on the front page and get exposure, I guess that's a good thing. Nevertheless, it seems to be a bit chaotic to me, like most changes dA has done to that algorithm in the past. The main issue I have with that new algorithm is that this roller coaster-like instability and the goal of displaying the most popular pieces does not seem to fit together. On the other hand, I see other deviations stay on top for quite a while, which is probably due to the exposure they are getting from being there. Now if deviations draw their popularity from being on the front page rather than being popular within the community, does this really reflect what it is supposed to? It also seems that the more exotic the category is, the higher the chance of getting a boost - well, that was like that before and is the reason why it was a popular practice to intentionally mis-categorize deviations.

However, I could be mistaken and it's because my recent photos are just worse than the ones I previously uploaded.
I'm rather confused myself. I would love to hear your opinion on the current algorithm and how it affects you and your art exposure:

1. Do the latest changes affect your artwork's exposure on deviantART?
2. Do you notice a substantial decline in exposure (views and favs) of your artwork lately?
3. What do you think of the frequent changes of the way art popularity is determined?
4. Looking at the first view pages of "popular 8 hours" or "popular 24 hours", do you think the first page really reflects the absolutely best of deviantART or is there something beyond the first few pages that would, in your opinion, deserve more attention? (I know this is a difficult question because popularity certainly does not imply quality, but I'm still curious about your opinion on that)
5. What do you think would be a FAIR way to determine the best artwork submitted in the last 8/24 hours? Is it really popularity? If so, how would you measure popularity? If not, could there be any other measurement that would be more accurate / suited?

I'm curious about the outcome!

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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

I just want to say that I'm sorry I can't provide you with new spectacular photography at the moment.

For one, I'm very busy with a number of projects that have priority and then fall's approaching with big steps, which never has been a problem for me before, but now I had to "optimize" my work with the wolves a little due to a lack of time. I used to spend 8 hours and more in front of the wolf enclosures, but I really can't afford that right now. I figured out their routine pretty precisely by now (accuracy +/- 15 minutes), so that saved me a lot of time. Now, however, they are not active before the sun is too low to provide any useful light. Drat! :D

Kind of interesting to see, however, that their daily routine does not seem to shift with the availability of light which I would have guessed before. Their internal timer either lags some or is mainly dependent on other factors.

Of course, they are active in the early morning too, but the sun is rather low there too, and it's a different kind of light. The wolves are most active when it's still very dim, and the amount of time I can productively spend with photography is just very sparse right now.

So I'm on hiatus for now, waiting for temperatures to drop considerably so that the wolves are being more active again throughout the day and also am desperately waiting for winter! :D I hope this year we will get more than just 2 or 3 days of snow. Wolves, like most canines, totally love snow and this is really the best time to take spectacular photos. :fingerscrossed:

Stay tuned! :D

Watermark Madness

Sat Jul 14, 2012, 5:45 AM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Wow. I honestly don't know what to do right now.
The recent art thief problems clearly show that the watermarks used by me are not at all effective to stop art theft - of course not, because they were not in the way of any important parts of the image.
Now deciding on a new, more effective watermark is not easy, because they will always harms the photo itself.
Water marks that do not distract, on the other hand, are easy to remove. With my previous watermark it was as easy as just cropping it off the photo.

So what to do?
* Maybe it's best to ignore the art thieves completely and don't apply water marks at all. And then just upload smaller photos that can't be used for anything in a decent quality. But really... most photos don't even look as impressive at the current sizes I upload, uploading even smaller photos would seriously harm the art as well.
* Not uploading anything to the internet anymore would be an option as well. But honestly, I like to share my work online and broaden my audience, that's the reason I joined dA in the first place.
* Leaving deviantART and uploading the stuff somewhere else - not likely to change anything. I don't think this is a problem of deviantART itself, but of some users who don't get the essence of what the internet is - or should be - all about.

Well, I might try and go with a smaller watermark that I place in vicinity to the main focus of the photo while not across it, because it does too much harm. If that doesn't work, I probably just return to the way it all was before and hope art thieves get a life.

Frustrating, really...

Here's the current attempt on a new watermark:

Fake Fu Man Chu Beard Puppy by Lupinicious

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Art Theft and such... [updated]

Tue Jul 3, 2012, 2:45 PM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

As long as I've been uploading photos to deviantArt, I have seen my photography used elsewhere on the site or even off-site. Sometimes people ask for permission, most of the time they don't. Sometimes they still do it in accordance with my terms of use (… ), sometimes they don't - they modify the photo, crop it so that no copyright is visible anymore and use it any way they wish. Sure, it's on the internet - I found it - so it's mine?

It's not. It's copyright infringement and believe it or not, it's criminal!

A friend just brought a case to my attention where my photos have been used here on deviantArt to create banners for some role play site and to top it off, she claimed that the pictures are copyrighted by her and threatened "If I see this anywhere else their will be consequences." (I know it is "there" not "their" but I copied the original text :D) And it gets even better - she claims how proud she is of what she did.

Seriously... what's wrong with those people?

In the first year or so here, I just reported those cases to deviantArt and they reacted quite promptly, deleting the works and notifying me upon resolution. Then, a few months ago, I reported some strange use where a photo has been traced, I wasn't even sure if it was done by hand, and deviantArt refused to act on it, because they regarded it as differing substantially from the original work, which I thought was very strange, but okay.
But since then, none of the reports seem to have any effect anymore. I report, and they leave it there - and don't do anything about it.

Now if you know me you know that I'm easy-going when it come to using my work. But stealing it and claiming that it's your own work, distributing or even selling it is definitely crossing a border. I don't know if deviantArt wants artists to sue them over before they take that stuff off their site now or to take legal action against the people stealing artwork... but it's definitely becoming a nuisance!

I don't know if the "experiment" of putting minimal watermarks on my photos has failed - maybe I should start plastering watermarks all over the photos just to keep people from stealing them. I'd hate to do that, because I think it damages the art we are trying to share here. Some people only upload tiny thumbnails of their photos - another approach. But I think photos don't work that way. Maybe I should try to make time to finally start my own site and leave deviantArt to have more control over what happens with my art. Maybe...

Just let me tell you that I'm disappointed - modesty and respect are foreign to some people, and I would hate to have all you other great people suffer from consequences of actions of a few shameless plagiarists. Even though I love taking photos, this is actually hard work, and it also costs me a lot of money to be able to take those photos - I spend much of my sparse spare time on it, bought really expensive gear, drive hundreds of miles to get to the parks where I take the photos and of course also pay the admission fee to get in for every session - I carry the heavy equipment (15-20kg) all across the park and spend hours standing there waiting for the perfect shots, lately even hand-holding the supertele lens, which is also quite physically exhausting.

So are these photos free? No, they aren't! Not for you, and certainly not for me either. Doing that is the greatest possible disrespect to the artist and in fact it's illegal.

I know I'll not be able to ever even re-finance my expenses through artwork sales or such (visiting the closest park once costs about as much money as I have earned in the two years at deviantArt - just to put it in perspective!) and that's okay, I'm not in it for the money. But you can imagine how it feels to even have this artwork stolen in such a way on a site that's of no clear benefit to me. NOT cool.

Sorry for the rant, but that had to be said.

Update: The deviant in question has deleted one of the two deviations in question and the dA staff notified me that it was voluntarily deleted before they took action. The second one was left online for a while but today I realized it was gone, but without any notice from dA. I have no idea if they deleted it or what happened... anyways, the issue is resolved. The deviant has also apologized, and I accept the apology of course. Also, I would like to encourage everyone to freely use my photos for their non-commercial endeavours as outlined in my terms that you can read here:…

I would like to thank all of you for your kind comments! I'm sorry I couldn't answer to all of your messages, but it's been busy for me the last few days. However, I read every single one of them and I'm grateful to have you among my watchers :D You rock :w00t:

How creepy!

Tue Jun 5, 2012, 2:53 PM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Oh my - I was just going through all the thousands of comments I didn't get around to reply to over the last couple of weeks and once in a while I clicked some of my older photos and took a look at them.
It totally creeped me out how bad some of those photos are :D

The huge lupinity logo, the soft images, the way-off white balance in most photos... honestly.
I'm always amazed by the progress everyone of us constantly goes through, even though we don't notice it unless we get confronted with our works of the past :-)
And every time I see them, I would love to wipe them from dA :D

On the other hand, I have dozens of photos sitting here that I don't upload to deviantART because although I thought they were kinda neat at the time I edited them for upload, I thought they totally suck the very next day.
I really hope I can find some time to start working on my website some fine day, because I have a lot of exciting ideas to deal with that misery :D Won't tell, though ;-)

New stuff coming up

Fri Apr 20, 2012, 3:58 PM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Hi all,

just wanted to let you know that I will upload some brand-new photos the next couple of weeks.
I will start tomorrow with a photo I really like, from a session I really enjoyed. On Tuesday evening, I've been practically alone with the arctic wolves at Wildpark Alte Fasanerie in Klein Auheim - everyone else had left the park already, and the wolves have already retreated to the heavily forested area of the enclosure for sleeping. Bad luck, I thought - the light was really nice, clear skies and a nice, warm evening sun.

Well, but when the wolves noticed me they all came running over to the other part of the enclosure - the three "elders" went up on a hill to continue to sleep and watch, and the three yearlings started playing relentlessly :-) In the end, I ended up taking over 900 photos in just 90 minutes which has got to be a new personal record :D

It was quite spectacular - the arctics are beautiful, and especially the three yearlings. To see them in such a playful mood in a beautiful setting and with no one else around to distract them or me was quite special. In the end they even incorporated my in their play... these guys are absolutely fun to be around.

I will start uploading photos tomorrow afternoon and depending on how well the Wacom drivers behave, I might prepare more photos for upload shortly after. They are giving me a hard time by crashing, having ugly latency issues and such... I installed an earlier driver to see if that resolves the problems (I never encountered that before), and it seemed to fix the crash problem, but that latency issue is still present and is driving me crazy. So bear with me if it takes me a little longer to upload more...

I really like some of the photos, and that generally hasn't been the case in the past few months. Maybe the photo crisis is finally resolving :D

So here are the first photos:

The Chase by Lupinicious Big Smile by Lupinicious

Enjoy :)

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Hope you all had happy holidays!

Does that ever happen to any of you? You are looking forward to Christmas and the time off work to get some other work done that has been neglected for a long time?
And then Christmas rushes by and you suddenly recognize that all what's left of the old year is just a couple of days. No way to get all the stuff done in those few days.

It's the same for me every year...

Anyways, I wish you all a happy new year in advance, I hope it will be less packed with catastrophies than 2011 - it is insane how many (bad and frightening) things happened in the world in 2011.

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

For all you German speaking people out there, I just got a notice that one of the shops still has a very limited amount (5 or less) of Lupinity 2012 Wolf Calendars available. I thought they were all gone! So if you wanted one but didn't get one, I suggest you surf over to right away and use your last chance!

The shop only ships to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Austria, Portugal and Spain.


Für alle in Deutschland, Belgien, Finnland, Frankreich, Griechenland, Irland, Italien, Luxembourg, Niederlande, Österreich, Portugal und Spanien, die noch keinen Lupinity 2012 Wolf-Kalender mehr bekommen haben: es gibt tatsächlich noch eine allerletzte Chance. Ich habe gerade erfahren, das einer der Shops als letzter noch einige wenige Exemplare des Kalenders vorrätig hat. Also falls ihr euch noch einen sichern wollt, schaut schnell auf herein und sichert euch die definitiv letzten Exemplare! :-)

On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Thanks for participating, everyone.


Obsolete text:

Please take some time to take part in a poll on whether the Board of Game on the Kenai Peninsula (southern Alaska) should adopt aerial predator control measures for wolves. One should think that it's clear by now that the aerial gunning has proven to be effective to kill wolves, but absolutely ineffective to "save moose" like it's always claimed to be.

The local newspaper "Peninsula Clarion" has the poll up on their website at < poll closed > - the voting is quite close, with a narrow majority of voters opposing such aerial control measures.

In support of an action alert from the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, please help and make sure you vote "No" on this poll. Let's take a stand against such plans and turn the voting result into a clear sign against such measures!

Thanks, everyone!

The URL again:  < poll closed >
You will find the poll on the right hand panel.

Since the discussion on this heats up quite a lot, here's some factual background for a change on why I think the plans of the BOG should be opposed:

* The Alaska Department of Fish & Game's own evidence presented to the BOG in March concluded that predation was not the cause of declining moose populations on the Kenai.
* In Game Management Unit 15A, the ADF&G's own data concluded that poor habitat is responsible for fewer moose.
* In Unit 15C, according to the ADF&G's own analysis, moose populations are not declining. A cited low bull-to-cow ratio cannot be traced to wolf predation, and killing wolves does not negate hunters' prior overharvest of bull moose.
* Following the proposal, any private citizen with a permit – not trained ADF&G biologists - will be allowed to shoot wolves from aircraft.

The BOG will vote on the proposal during their Nov. 11-14 meeting, so there will be very little time to give any input on that, if any, at all.
I believe that polls like this are the only chance for anyone of us to clearly position ourselves. If the poll was for Alaskans only, it wouldn't be freely accessible to anyone outside Alaska, right?

And one final remark:
I do not oppose hunting at all, and absolutely think that predator control measures are essential to minimize conflicts and ensure that conflict situations can be resolved.
However, lethal control measures should only be considered if there is a need for it, i.e. if it solves a problem that cannot be solved otherwise. In this case, in my opinion, this turns out not to be the case.

Calendars for 2012 are SOLD OUT

Tue Sep 20, 2011, 3:21 PM
On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Just wanted to let you know that the Wolf Calendars for 2012 are sold out for quite a while now.
Honestly, I'm surprised they were gone that quickly. And either the print shop printed too few calendars or I gave too many of them away as gifts ;-) I have no idea where they all went.

Anyways, I am pondering whether I should start working on a calendar for 2013. This time it would be a calendar in portrait orientation, and there are a couple of things I would do differently this time.
I chose medium weight paper mainly because I was hoping it would reduce the shipping weight and thus shipping costs for all of you. In fact this did not happen to be the case - so the next calendar will most likely be printed on heavy 250g/cm² paper, giving it more stability and a nicer feel. I have yet to decide whether it will be a 13 month calendar again, because that makes the calendar more expensive... on the other hand, I heard people say it is nice to have that extra month of time to grab a new calendar.

The layout for the portrait calendar will be a big hurdle to take. It has already been hard to compromise between having large images and providing enough space to note down appointments with the calendar in landscape orientation, but portrait will make this even harder. I can't quite think of a layout that would provide full-page photos and enough calendar space... I would really hate having to shrink the photos.

Oh, yes, the photos... last time, it took khaosdog and me about 8 months to sort out the photos that we put in the final voting. I really hope I can drastically reduce the work this time, or I will have to skip 2013 :D

Ah well, I will keep you posted!
Again, thanks for your support, it's appreciated!
Hope all you guys who managed to get a copy of the 2012 calendar enjoy it :-)

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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Last chance to get a copy of the 2012 Lupinity Wolf Calendar!

Yes, that's right - there are only a few leftovers, and these are about to be sold shortly.
So if you want a copy for yourself or a friend - or even as a christmas present (yeah, I know it seems really early, but...): get one now!

International shipping is as low as 7.50 EUR per calendar, the calendar itself is 14.95 EUR per copy, and if you took part in the calendar voting, you still have the chance to get a copy for only 10 EUR straight!

The online order page for the Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 can be reached here.

Payment is possible via PayPal, and within the Euro zone via wire (Sepa) transfer.

And what's with that skin?

Just testing! :D Not really awesome, I know... but I might make some new skins every once in a while if I feel like it ;)

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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

Learn something new every day! I found a shipping rate that the postal company hid so well that I didn't notice it before and makes the shipping of the calendar internationally extremely cheap.
So now I am (experimentally!) introducing two more shipping options: economy and ultra economy.

Economy shipping costs 7.50 EUR internationally (instead of 8.60 EUR within the EU or 13.90 EUR internationally previously) and makes use of the cheaper rate I found. The only limit is that you can order a maximum of two calendars per shipping, because there is a stricter weight limit.

Ultra economy shipping will cost 4.00 EUR only (internationally!), but because of the very strict weight limit, we have to mutilate the calendar and remove its protective plastic cover sheet and also make a custom light-weight packaging that's probably less stable and more prone to damages than the standard packaging. Only choose this if saving 3.50 EUR is worth the risk and the removed cover sheet for you!

I decided to offer this option for all of you who couldn't afford ordering a calendar because of the high shipping fee. Everyone who wants an intact calendar in a secure package choose regular or economy shipping!

The online order page for the Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 can be reached here.

And here's the calendar again, for those who haven't seen it yet :D
Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 by Lupinicious

The first couple of calendars are on their way to you and should arrive shortly.

Haven't ordered yet? Come and get your copy here:! :)

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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (not much to see yet):

The online order page for the Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 is now open!

Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 by Lupinicious

Payment is possible using PayPal or bank transfer. Orders made using PayPal will be processed quicker, since the payment is instant.
Bank transfer is a good option for people without PayPal or credit cards who are living in a country with the Euro as currency. Euro transfers within the EU are free of charge. Any other bank transfers may be very, very costly, so please make sure you get inform yourself about the modalities before choosing to pay via bank transfer! Please also note that all the prices are in Euros, not USD, GBP or any other currency. Sending the amount in any other currency will complicate things considerably!

The email address in the order form should be the one you used to register after the calendar voting. This will ensure you get the 33% discount from the regular price of 14.95 € and therefore you will get the calendar for only 10 €!
You can order up to four calendars in one sitting. For those who are eligible for the discount, the discount is granted for all of the calendars in the order, not just for one. :-)

In case you encounter any errors during the order process, please tell me and I'll fix it :D
It seems to work quite well so far... :)

I'll do my best to send out the calendars immediately, but please bear with me if it will take a bit longer at the beginning, because I need to figure out a couple of things before I start (like packaging and shipping regulations) :D

So come and get your copy here!
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On the permitted use of the photos:… - Website (nothing to see yet):

Finally - the calendars have arrived! Lookies:

Lupinity Wolf Calendar 2012 by Lupinicious

And also, the long-awaited winner of the free wolf calendar draw has been drawn :)

I decided to make it an old-fashioned draw instead of just randomly "ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1"-ing a winner, if you know what I mean :D
So I printed sheets with the names of all 128 participants and cut them to little snippets for khaosdog (thanks!) to draw the lucky winner! I put all of those snippets into my 16-35mm lens bag... seemed somewhat fitting ;D

And the winner is:

Teruru-kun :iconteruru-kun:

The calendar will go up north to Finland - congratulations!

Calendar and shipping costs are both covered, so you will receive the calendar free of any charge, and it should arrive within the next week (I hope :P).

Thanks everyone for participating, and I'm sorry there can only be one winner!

Here are a couple of snapshots of the drawing:

Free wolf calendar drawing by Lupinicious
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